data link TM

Small, almost invisible GSP tracker for monitoring transports and all types of storage across the globe.

data link TM









  1. GPS receiver and GSM / UMTS transmission unit for MONILOG® transport data logger
  2. Monitors sensitive transports in real-time, automatic data transmission
  3. Receives accurate GPS location coordinates via satellite
  4. Transmits measurement data, alarm and status messages by e-mail to the user
  5. Integrated Quad Band EGSM / GPRS and Triple Band UMTS (3G) / HSPA + / radio module
  6. Integrated SIM card holder, highly sensitive antenna, own battery
  7. Detailed map-based route tracking with Google Earth®
  8. Web portal for online administration and evaluation
  9. Multi-level password protection
  10. Powerful and license-free configuration software
  11. Without subscription or monthly costs

Product description:

  • The tracking module MONILOG® data link TM is an electronic goods companion for transports of all kinds (e.g. also for trailers) around the world.
  • Permanent monitoring of the logistics chain can reduce possible damage to the products.
  • The data link TM transmission module is an autonomous stand-alone solution for shipment tracking, with the functions of tracking and tracing.
  • The user will be informed by e-mail about the current position of his goods and the progress of the transport route already covered.
  • The device can also be combined with one or two transport data loggers of the MONILOG® series, e.g. the ShockDisplay curve or EnDaL curve.
  • The system then reads the values of the connected logger in user-configurable intervals and, in addition to the route information, also transmits the complete measurement data records.
  • The user thus knows at any time, where his sensitive goods are currently located, and at which transport loads they are exposed.
  • MONILOG® data link TM works independent of the network and is very energy-efficient with standard, exchangeable LR14 batteries.
  • Thus, the system is suitable for long-term autonomous applications of more than 2 years (long battery life), even under harsh environmental conditions.
  • An additional internal backup battery ensures data retention for at least 10 years, regardless of the battery status.
  • The device status can be read directly on the display.
  • The parameters can be set on the device via 4 function buttons.
  • A license-free configuration software enables firmware updates.
  • The connection to the PC or laptop is made via a commercially available USB cable.
  • Additional interfaces allow for stationary operation with an external power supply, the interaction with other systems (alarm and operating signalling contacts) or the connection of a satellite modem.
  • All measured values can be viewed, managed and evaluated via a web portal.
  • The transmission of the data is either time-controlled or event-driven, e.g. if defined alarm values are exceeded.
  • The direct, map-based link with Google Earth® visualizes the route tracking very clearly.
  • In addition to the GPS coordinates, the relevant measured values of the connected data logger are also displayed with an exact time stamp.
  • By means of an automatic frequency switching, the tracking module can work in various mobile radio systems (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA), thus ensuring the global availability of all data.
  • Active radio and GPS antennas can be connected using a SMA plug-in connector.
  • The robust, dust- and splash-proof aluminium housing (degree of protection IP65) guarantees the safe operation of the device in outdoor operation.
  • The purchase of the GPS tracker will incur non-recurring costs. There are no monthly subscription fees.
data link TM

Technical data:

Aluminium, coated, IP 65 degree of protection; Weight 1,15 kg with batteries, Dimensions 160x90x60 mm; Surface mounting (recommended to screw on), alternatively magnetic foot-mounting
Operation and storage conditions:
-20 °C to +70 °C with alkaline batteries, -40 °C to +85 °C with lithium batteries
Display elements:
1 light-emitting diode (red/green), bistable monochrome display 128x128 pixels
USB 2.0 mini AB Client for connection with PC/laptop; 3 RS-232 (115 kBaud) 2 data loggers and 1 external satellite modem (optional); 2 signal inputs, 2 switching outputs via M12 plug connector (optional)
Channels: 22; Antenna: SMA socket for connection of an external passive antenna 50 Ω (3 to 30 mA, 3 V, rod or cable antenna)
Mobile communications:
Frequency ranges: Quad Band EGSM/GPRS > 850/900/1.800/1.900 MHz; Triple Band UMTS (HSPA/HSPA+) > 850/1.900/2.100 MHz; SIM card: Receptacle for 1,8 V or 3 V SIM card/standard SIM/micro SIM (on request); Antenna: SMA socket for connection of an external passive antenna 50 Ω (rod or cable antenna)
Data storage:
Data receipt for a minimum of 10 years (independent of battery status); Storage type: 512 MB flash data memory/128 kB FRAM parameter memory
For operating systems WIN Vista/7/8/10; Parametrization of the devices and indication of the status data; Help function, multilingual (DE, EN, FR)
Operating time:
More than 2 years, dependent on the reception conditions; battery type and configuration (transmission interval)
Device approval: