A highly versatile modifiable data logger that records mechanical shocks, temperatures and air humidity at the same time, over a long period of time.










  1. Measures variable impact, temperature, humidity, inclination and pressure
  2. Adjustable measuring ranges and variable filter frequencies
  3. Records local coordinates from external GPS receivers
  4. Suitable for overseas transport, packaging optimization and use in clean rooms
  5. Extensive configuration options for optimum adaptation to a wide variety of applications
  6. Small, lightweight, robust with universal accessories
  7. Powerful analysis software
  8. Long operating time

Product description:

  • EnDaL curve is a highly versatile modifiable data logger that records mechanical shocks, temperatures and air humidity at the same time, over a long period of time.
  • In addition, the time sequence for up to 20 acceleration peak values is stored.
  • For customer-specific requirements, additional sensors for air pressure, stack pressure or inclination and up to 4 digital signals can be connected to the data logger.
  • The EnDaL curve data logger also allows the connection of a special GPS receiver, which records the location coordinates for each event and the entire transport route.
  • All recorded measurement data can be transferred to a PC via an RS-232 interface or a USBRS-232 adapter and analysed with an external program.
  • A convenient software for programming and comprehensive evaluation of the measured data is included in the delivery.
  • EnDaL curve is manufactured in compliance with EC directives.

Technical data:

Acceleration in three directions (x, y, z), temperature, relative humidity other sensors such as air pressure sensors can be connected and parametrised to analogue and digital inputs
Measuring ranges:
Acceleration: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 g with internal sensor, accuracy ±(2% measuring range and 5% measured value); Acceleration: 100, 200, 500, 1.000, 2.000 g with external sensors, accuracy ±(2% measuring range and 5% measured value); Temperature: -40°C to +85°C, resolution 0,1 K, accuracy ± 1 K, air humidity 0,2 to 100%, resolution 0,1% rH, Accuracy ± 3% rH (20 to 80% rH), ± 5% RH (0 to 100% rH); Analogue channel 0 ... 2,5 V, digital channel (4 inputs), low: 0 to 0,8 V, High: 2,4 to 12 V
For external capacitive acceleration sensors as well as temperature, humidity, pressure sensor
16.384 acceleration values, 16.384 temperature and humidity values each; 10 or 20 acceleration time graphs corresponding to the peak events, 4.096 digital events
Analogue filters for acceleration measurement (frequency response):
Filter type: Bessel 4th order, low pass; Upper limit frequency: 16 to 1000 Hz can be set together for all channels; Lower limit frequency: 0,2 Hz for internal sensors, 0,5 Hz for external acceleration sensors
Acceleration sensor:
Internal three-axial piezo-electric sensor and/or up to 3 external uni-axial sensors connected with charge amplifier input, sensitivity of the charge amplifier and measuring channel can be programmed individually
Temperature sensor:
Internal or external sensor in a sensor tube, up to 40m cable
Humidity sensor:
Capacitive polymer sensor arranged together with the temperature sensor in the sensor tube, 80mm long, up to 40m cable
Measuring duration:
NiMh battery up to 1.500 h, alkaline battery up to 2.500 h, lithium battery up to 2.500 h; External alkaline pack and on-board power supply 10-32 VDC can also be connected
Power supply:
2 standard R 14 (size C) batteries
Data storage:
Data receipt for a minimum of 6 years, independent of battery status
Graph recording mode:
2 kHz sampling rate, max. 2 s recording per event
Aluminium, powder-coated, degree of protection IP65, weight 800 g, size 180 x 106 x 37 mm
Operating elements:
Button for status indication with 5 LEDs, magnetic power switch
Data interfaces:
RS-232 port + USB adapter
Sensitivity, channel selection, frequency range, acceleration response threshold: 5 ... 75% of the measuring range, minimal shock duration, recording duration for acceleration-time graphs, time interval of temperature and humidity measurements, up to three measurement periods, password protection, alarm thresholds
Device certification according to CE, RoHS, WEEE; Shock evaluation according to DIN EN 15433-6; Frequency analysis according to DIN EN 13011; Use according to IEEE C 57.150-2012